Daniel Catalaa

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"So you listen to the cultural sensitivity presentation and when you get back on the job, for the life of you, you cannot remember what to look out for or what you could do to rescue a situation where a cultural norm, yours or the patient's, was transgressed."

- Daniel Catalaa

This website started in 1998 as a brief autobiographical "here I am" statement. However, as I described what I liked and where I have been, the site grew in size and purpose. Through a deliberate yet unpredictable process it has become an endeavor to determine who I am and to reach a deep level of self-acceptance. The website has become a mechanism to explore my nature, determine what I believe about myself and the world, and to develop a personal philosophy. My current purpose in life is to:

Experience Wellness and help others to experience it by Expressing Beauty, Increasing Understanding, & Creating Abundance

My focus on wellness stems from my efforts to live an interesting and worthwhile life despite a chronic health condition (full story here). Supporting the idea of sharing wellness, I have written and posted self-help and inspirational personal development articles freely available to you. I derive significance from the fact that I have sought my own version of the truth and pursued it with commitment. Furthermore, I live by the ideas and principles expressed here. The site, as well as the author, will be permanently under construction.