Daniel Catalaa


These are the activities that I enjoy mainly because they promote creativity and health, and they surprise me as I explore them further.

Personal Development

Personal development is the life area that holds the most interest to me. I am attracted to it for two reasons: It is very broad in scope and can therefore maintain my interest over time, and by exploring it I inevitably end up helping both myself and others. As I experiment with life and experience successes, impasses, and failures, I share the lessons that I am learning along the way in online articles that can accelerate your growth.


One of the first regular exposures to performed music that I had was listening to my father practice classic Spanish guitar at home. Later, as a teenager I strummed very basic chord progressions while accompanying the religious services at our neighborhood church in Olivos, Argentina. It was not until 2001 that I started composing and performing personal compositions. My inspiration came during a period of my life when many changes were taking place. I ply mainly for myself and friends though I occasionally I perform at San Francisco open mikes.


Eating can be seen as a necessity, as an inescapable daily chore. But there is also a different way of viewing it. The need for sustenance is also an opportunity to come together to share food with good company, to make healthy choices, or to give someone the gift of a well prepared meal. I have assembled here some of my favorite time-tested recipes.


During my early childhood I played mostly group sports such as soccer and rugby. Once I started working full time, I switched to more individual sports such as biking and running because they were easier to arrange. I believe in organic exercise, i.e. commuting by bike, hiking in nature, and running near where I live. I stay away from physical activities that require membership cards, driving, specialized equipment, or have stringent weather requirements. Exercise to me is easy, accessible, fun, and interwoven into my life.


Typically I take advantage of down time between jobs to travel. I have been mostly to Europe and South America, and traveled internally within the USA. When I travel I try to immerse myself in the experience and be transformed by it. I find living culture such as people, festivals, music, cooking, and dance more interesting than static culture like architecture and museums. Here are some the things I learned on my latest travels.

Visual Art

Experts in teaching subdivide their students in auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners. We all learn using all three input channels; however, we tend to have a preferred one. My favorite way to receive information or entertainment is visually. Therefore, I like to contemplate beautiful objects and people, or I pull out a pen and diagram theoretical concepts, doodle when bored, and occasionally create some visual art.