Daniel Catalaa

Bechamel sauce


  • Butter, ??? amount
  • Cheese, melting type (e.g. Swiss), shredded, ??? amount
  • Cheese, parmesan, shredded, ??? amount
  • Flour, all purpose, ??? amount
  • Milk, whole, ??? amount
  • Pepper, ??? amount
  • Salt, ??? amount


  1. Place the milk in a medium size pot and start warming it up. You want to get it just below boiling, when a skin starts forming on the surface.
  2. While the milk is warming up, in another, larger, pot place the butter and melt it under a low flame.
  3. Once the butter is completely melted, sprinkle in the flour while stirring with a wooden spoon. As the flour absorbs the butter it will thicken into a paste and sometimes it comes together as a ball. This flour+melted butter mixuture is called a "roux".
  4. Gradually pour the almost boiling milk onto the roux. With a wire wisk work the milk into the roux forcing it to soften and become runny.
  5. While continuously mixing, bring the mixture to the boil, then lower the flame to a simmer.
  6. Continue mixing for 5 minutes, shut off the burner. This additional cooking time removes the raw flour flavor and makes sure that all of the starch is released so that we end up with a thick sauce.
  7. Pour in the salt, pepper, and shredded cheese. Mix until melted then cover the pot with a lid and let sit for 10 minutes. The waiting time will ensure that the sauce comes together so that the starch has fully thickened everything and that the cheese is fully melted.