Daniel Catalaa


As a child I was a very social person, and I enjoyed playing and talking to as many peers as possible. In my teens, on the other hand, I was busy conteding with health issues and this took up the lion share of my time and energy. Thankfully, in my twenties and later in my mid-thirties my health improved significantly and this allowed me to raise my head, look around me, and start connecting with people I had affinity with and investing in friendships.

I am selective of whom I spend time with, often prefering to share moments of genuine friendship with just one or a few people, rather than large groups. I have also noticed that I gravitate towards growth-oriented individuals, i.e. those that are in need of some guidance and mentoring, or those that I admire because they experience a greater degree of awareness and joy. In other words, I am attracted to those that I can teach or learn from.

Lastly, I am also thankful for times of peace and solitude spent away from friends when I can reflect, be introspective, and of course update this beautiful website!