Certified Spanish Medical Interpreting


interpreting__certification_icon.png Through Catium, sole proprietorship, Daniel Catalaa brings you over 15 years of interpreting experience to assist you with all of your Spanish medical-legal interpreting needs. He is nationally certified (CMI# 101982) and has a strong background in science and health care.


interpreting__assignment_icon.png Interpreting services are offered to cover Spanish medical-legal assignments related to Worker's Compensation. This includes evaluations (AME, IME, QME), studies (e.g. electromyographies), follow up appointments, and treatments such as therapies and surgeries.


interpreting__location_icon.png Coverage is mainly for the city of San Francisco, CA where a base rate is charged. Occasionally coverage is extended to Daly City, CA where an out-of-town rate applies, but not mileage is charged.


interpreting__availability_icon.png Monday to Friday 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Next day and last minute assignments are accepted when possible; assignment offers with one week or more advance notification are more likely to be covered. Not available on federal holidays, weekends, and nights.


interpreting__cancellation_icon.png More than 24 business hours advance notice, no charge to agency. Less than 24 business hours advance notice, agency charged a 2 hour minimum. The minimum charge also applies to patient no-shows.


interpreting__payment_icon.png Assignments are billed with a 2 hour minimum, and are prorated in 15 minutes increments after the hourly minimum. Invoices are submitted at the end of each month and have a term of 30 days.