Daniel Catalaa


For many years I prepared for a career in scientific research, but to my surprise I discovered in my 30's that an important part of me felt unfulfilled with that professional track.

Practicing science

I had prepared to become a researcher, a person who observes the world, comes up with theories on how things work, and then sets out to prove his theories. This created a sense of power, because I felt that any part of life could be broken down into its smaller simpler components and explained. But it also created a sense of detachment. As a person, a human being, I was separated and apart from nature. Nature was an object to be studied, measured, controlled, and predicted.

Until the age of 18 I emigrated with my family several times and lived in many countries and this aspect of my life, perhaps in addition to being the youngest of three brothers, developed my social intelligence. But in the scientific world, social intelligence is not valued as much as in other professional tracks because the focus is not on feeling but on thinking, on the objective rather than the subjective. So this skill was being underused.

Personal and Leadership Development

By all accounts I can be considered a late bloomer having lived with my parents till my 30's and buying my first piece of property almost in my 40's. The only thing I did nice an early was get married when I was 23(?). In consecuence I have been trying to catch up by delving into the most meaningful parts of life and unleashing my potential and the potential of others, hence the current focus on conscious leadership development.

Training in molecular biology techniques of a high school teacher at a University of Florida laboratory

Scientific Origins

For a long time I believed that I would become a researcher and accordingly studied molecular biology. After completing a bachellors and a masters degree in the field, I was accepted to a Ph.D. program. But half way through it, I gave it all up because of a frustrating lack of progress and because I felt isolated and unfulfilled.

Language Services

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Now I have a profession that I find much more rewarding: Coordinator of Interpreter Services at a Bay Area Hospital. I enjoy working with people, speaking foreign languages, and being part of a process that alleviate physical pain.
Working as interpreter for the mayor of San Francisco (year 2007)