Daniel Catalaa


Here are some of my favorite recipies:

Apple pear galette
Simple baked dessert that combines different fruits onto a premade pie crust.

Banana nut bread
This recipe is from the program America's Test Kitchen and has 6-7 bananas in it for a very banana-rich flavor!

Bechamel sauce
This versatile white sauce can be used in many ways from lasagna to vegetables au gratin.

Baguette Bread
Freshly baked bread, there just ain't nothing like it. I find the baking of bread to be deeply relaxing and hope that you will too.

Carrot soup
This blended soup comes in a bright orange color and has both sweetness and spicy heat.

This bright green sauce from Argentina is packed with flavor and perfectly accompanies steaks and red meats. It's main ingredients are parsley, garlic, and oregano.

Ciabatta Bread
Ciabatta means 'carpet slipper' in Italian and refers to a flat, airy, crunchy outside, soft inside bread. There are only four ingredients and the yeast to most of the work.

Crême caramel
Soft velvety custard dressed in caramel.

Chicken Waldorf salad
This is a hearty salad that combines fruits and nuts with your protein and binds everything together with a light mayonnaise-lemon dressing. The original recipe is named after the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York.

Little hand-held meat pies from South America that mix together sweet with savory all wrapped in a flaky pie crust.

Garbanzo bean and sesame paste dip with olive oil and lemon juice. Great for a last minute potluck since most items are likely to already be in your pantry.

Think of it as a pizza without the sauce. Focaccia bread is the snack of choice in Italy for breakfast or a mid-morning break among both adults and school aged children.

Fresh Pasta
With the right equipment you can be sitting in front of a steaming bowl of fresh pasta in less than an hour. Impress your friends and put on a show by cranking out your own freshly made spaghetti, tagliatelle, pappardelle, or lasagna sheets.

Malasyan Chicken
I am a newcomer to Asian cooking, but this recipe from Chef Gordon really won me over and is a crowd pleaser. The rich cocunut milk base is infused with hot chillies, lemon grass, ginger, cinnamon, star anise, and turmeric.

Manolo Special
Wraps made from savory crepes filled with cheese, ham, boiled egg, lettuce, tomato, mustard, and mayonnaise with lemon juice.

I tweaked this recipe to find an optimal balance of sweet to savory. The resulting meatloaf has depth of flavor, is moist, and has extra sauce to spare.

Orange Marmalade
Oranges are transformed into marmalade through slow prolonged cooking and the addition of some apples as thickening agent. The final flavor is sweet, slightly bitter, and intensely citrusy.

In this recipe the egg whites are beaten and folded into the batter so the resulting pancakes are fluffier than usual.

Pasta al pesto
Deep green, delicious, basil-based pasta sauce takes only 15 minutes to fix and will be ready before the pasta water has boiled.

Few foods have the international appeal of pizza and making it at home can become a fun project for the whole family.

If you are new to Asian cooking, potstickers are a delicious and fun way to get your feet wet. Ground pork, cabbage, garlic, and fresh ginger come together in delectable morsels.

Prune cake
My mother started a tradition of making prune cakes around Christmas time and gifting them to friends and colleagues. The prune cake is head-over-heels better than any fruit cake you will come across.

Roasted vegetables
This dish, just like a soup, will allow you to eat a variety of vegetables all at once. The high temperature of the roasting will caramelize the vegetables and impart a lovely color to them.

Onion soup
This soup is a French classic. The onions are caramelized and donate all of their sweetness and dark color to the broth.

This bell pepper and tomato dish from the Basque country pairs very well with soft boiled or scrambled eggs.

Rice Pilaf
What I enjoy about this dish is the combination of cinnamon and black pepper because, together with the raisins and toasted almonds, it imparts a distinctive Middle Eastern flavor.

Rice Pudding
This dessert is one of my comfort foods. The recipe is from my mother and I enjoy the lemon peel variation that she makes.

Spaghetti al ragú
Spaghetti in a tomato-based sausage and beef sauce, that starts off with a mirepoix and sauteed mushrooms.

Spaghetti alle cozze e vongole
Spaghetti with mussels and clams in a white wine, cream, and lemon sauce.

Spinach soup
This is the best way to get your iron and leafy greens and is an elegant way to start any meal.

Snow pudding
A light dessert based on beaten egg whites stiffened with gelatin and scented with lemon rests upon a puddle of runny vanilla egg custard. Need I say more.

Strawberry jam
This recipe is for a very fruity, naturally sweet, low sugar jam.

Tuna salad
What makes this tuna salad special are the addition of three ingredients: hard boiled eggs, chopped parsley, and fresh lemon juice.

By making your own yogurt you will benefit from better intestinal health thanks to the live bacterial cultures. Make a large batch and eat at will over the coures of a month.