Daniel Catalaa

Somewhere in between

(Authored by Daniel Catalaa on December 31st, 1969)
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A frog was merrily swimming about when a fish approached him and swam besides him. The fish slowed down to match the frog's speed and looked at him sideways from the corner of one of his big shiny eyes and derided him in a mocking voice:

\"Look at you! You can't swim! You are so clumsy. You are not made for the water, you should not be here.\"

The frog tried to ignore the fish, but the fish was so insistent that the frog decided to bring the whole matter to an end by hopping onto land.

No sooner had the frog landed on shore that he picked out, peering over a cluster of reeves, the tall black tail of an approaching cat.

The cat rounded the corner prancing like a princess, taking deliberate, soft, confident steps. But when she saw the frog in all of his glorious sliminess stumbling about on land, she froze, her back arched, and she hissed:

\"Look at you! You can't walk! You are so clumsy. You are not made for land, you should not be here.\"

No sooner had she spoken these words, a giant wave crashed onto the shore that pushed the fish far inland and, as the water retreated, dragged the cat into deep water.

In a panic the flip-flopping fish, gasping for air, cried out:

\"Quick froggie! Come and save me!\" to which the frog replied \"I can't, there is a cat in the water that told me that I can't walk.\"

Likewise the drowning cat supplicated \"Oh dear frog, help me!\" to which the frog replied \"I can't, there is a fish on land that told me that I can't swim.\"

But privately the frog had already decided to rescue them, so he first bit into the fish's tail and dragged it down along the gravelly path that lead to the water. Once in the water he released the fish and clamped his jaws around the cat's tail and used his strong legs to tow her to safety.

The frog then took a moment to rest. He was tired and puzzled, why had he saved them? This would have been the perfect chance to just let them go. But then he thought to himself \"If I had left the cat drown, who would teach me how to walk? If I had left the fish die, who would teach me how to swim? And if they had never seen me again, who would show them how to love?\"