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All I wanted was a ship

(Music and lyrics by Daniel Catalaa, January 1st, 2013)

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Guitar chords

C    X32010
G    320003
C7   X32310
F    133211
N.C. No chord/No strumming

Song lyrics


All I wanted was a ship
to sail half around the world
So I could see from over there
what it's like to be over here

We set sail on a ship
made from a tall mountain tree
Just like all of us on board
it had never seen the see

And soon I realized
the world is always round
No matter how far you go
there is always more to see

And much to my surprise
the world is also flat
No matter how far you go
You are always the same one

All I wanted was a boat
to bring me to the other side
So I could see with my own eyes
if I'd been told a bunch of lies

I took a crew of disbelievers
that had some doubts of their own
They said "Take us to the edge,
then take us all back home!"



All I wanted was a ship
to sail across the seven seas
To come back home I don't know when
and see the old as new again