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Dance with me

(Music and lyrics by Daniel Catalaa, 2014)


Song lyrics

The moon
turns around the Earth
As both
spin around the Sun

As do I revolve around you
in an orbit of solitude
We fly past each other
but will never touch

I once thought
we could be together
almost crashing into each other
spinning around forever
in a spiral with no end

Dance with me
like the stars dance with each other
Dance with me
the missing constellation has been found

Dance with me
in the darkening skies above us
Dance with me
Weíre dizzy with love and every turn we take
has us coming back for more

The galaxy is lost
it wonders where it is
The path it used to know
has changed over time

And thatís the way I feel
when I look into your eyes
All certainties are gone
Iím left with just a void


The stars will turn to dust
Whenever they
want to become
one of us

And so you see I've been here
many times before
I keep on coming back
I'm always wanting more