Daniel Catalaa

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Naked to my eyes

(Music and lyrics by Daniel Catalaa, January 1st, 2003)

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Guitar chords

C          032010
Csus4/E    033010
C/G        332010
Am/C       030210
Cadd9      030010
Em7*       050030
Am(maj7)   002110
G(3rd)     355433
F          133211
Am(maj7)   002210
C6         032210

Song lyrics

All the pretty clothes
that protect you from the cold
they're falling to the ground
'nd I don't want you to turn around
but why would you hide
when you are naked to my eyes

You try to make me believe
that you're the strongest of the two
but we both know
that that ain't so
and I'm hoping I'll make you happy
though I can make cry on cue


I'm getting you ready not to need me
letting you slide right off my knees
It's part of my plan to release you
'cause I have faith that you'll be back

When I've given up on life itself
and nothing matters anymore
It will be you, it will be you
walking through my door

[Repeat once from top]