Daniel Catalaa

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(Music and lyrics by Daniel Catalaa, January 1st, 2003)

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Guitar chords

D        000232
Dsus     000233
A        002220
A(add9)  002200
D<->Dsus    alternate
A<->A(add9) alternate
G        320003
F#*      000002
B7       021202
Em       022000
Em9      024000
Bm       224432
A(+m9)   002320
G(3rd)   355433  
Gm       355333

Song lyrics

I cannot believe what I will give up
to live a little longer the same

Don't mean to take from my life
But what's the point of making it
if i make it alone?

All my hopes encapsulated
in this tiny bottle that I throw to sea
No one is standing where I am waiting
to see what the waves bring back to me

All the people I once knew
live beyond my reach
What's the point of being alone
if you have no one to be lonely with?

I circle the island one more time
I am fighting for air
in an ocean of people that just don't care

What is it inside me that makes me believe
that people around me don't feel what I feel?
Maybe money is something to love
and shows of affection something to steal

What is it inside me that makes me believe
that keeping my distance is all that you need?
Why would it bother when people insist
and I cannot answer why I exist?

[Repeat once from top]