Daniel Catalaa

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So special

(Music and lyrics by Daniel Catalaa, January 1st, 2003)

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Guitar chords

G           320033
G*          320030
Am          002210
Am(maj7)    002110
Dm/F        003230
Em7         020030
Cmaj7sus2   330000 

XX          067XXX
XXX         867XXX 

G!          302033
Gsus2       300033
Em/C#       042000
A/C#        042220
Csus        335533
Csus*       335433
B7          021202
Em          022000
Cadd9       032033
D/F#!       200233

Song lyrics

What we have
is so special to me
That I can't think of anybody
bringing to my darkness
so much light

What we have
transcends the length
of the union we may have
it reaches out to something
beyond who we are
Oooohhhh, what we have

When thirst filled my throat
you brought water to my lips
And now looking back:
It was such a small, small sip,
that drowned out doubts about
the greatness of the world

What we have
is so special to me
is so special to me