Daniel Catalaa

Who are you

(Authored by Daniel Catalaa on December 31st, 1969)
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When we are asked the question "who are you?" we have been trained to answer with our name and perhaps our profession. If probed further, we may talk about our ancestry or where we grew up. Nevertheless, privately we know that none of this information really communicates our true nature or identity.

Admittedly, you may find yourself unwilling to share very personal information with somebody you just met, so you opt for more superficial and socially acceptable answers. You may find however that, even when afforded ultimate privacy and unlimited time, you still have trouble answering the question of who you are in a meaningful way. For example, when you are home alone and sure you will not be disturbed, look at yourself in the mirror. Chose an eye and stare at the black part of if for several minutes while breathing slower and deeper. Feel free to get lost in the experience and when you emerge from it complete this statement out loud: "I am...". There is no hurry, no rush, and you will be the only witness.

If, as with most people, you are still struggling with this simple yet profound question, I invite you to view a multi-media musical and animated presentation that I prepared to help you along your journey of self-discovery: who are you (takes 60-90 seconds to load).