Daniel Catalaa

Biographical Info

Life shaping events

My life was marked early on by repeated immigrations, first to the UK, then to Italy, Argentina, the USA, and France. Another landmark event was the onset of a childhood chronich illness and the unexpected partial recovery from it during adulthood (chronicled here). The unpredictability and volatility of my health condition has made me engage life at full throttle where only honesty, ambitious goals, and discovery will do. Also an early marrigage and subsequent divorce helped me to mature as a person and as a partner. A paralyzing accident that affected my older brother brought our family closer together and made me focus on being strong to help myself and those that I care about.

Life shaping decisions

These decisions have shaped my life:

  • Responsibility: Taking 100% responsibility for my experience of life including physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Courage: Practicing emotional courage by commiting to relationships with others and with self, and being honest within them. Accepting the beginning, the changes, and end of relationships.
  • Growth: observation, exploration, and experimentation are integrated into daily life, as an ongoing process to live more consciously.
  • Truth: Harboring an unwavering commitment to truth, accepting what it reveals and following the path it lays before me.

Life shaping activities

One of my main interests is to explore my own nature that of the Universe and how the two are interrelated. This is an ongoing life-long undertaking that has had many phases. Along the way I have schooled myself in basic notions of philosophy, psychology, and spirituality. The tools that I use in this quest are observation, meditation, dialog with others, artistic expression, navigating and enjoying relationships, and experimentation. I share all my findingings in the articles section so that visitors can accelerate their personal growth and reach a higher level of awareness.

Life shaping people

The main influences I had in my early life came from my nuclear family. From my parents I received the overpouring love of my mother, the sense of adventure and work ethic of my father, and moral guidance from both of them. I have a close relationship with Christian, my older brother, who has been my spiritual sherpa helping me to traverse the peeks and valleys of life. My middle brother Jean-Marc I feel is always looking out for me. I admire his professional bravery and his analytical mind that I consult to break down big projects into small achievable steps. As an adult I am the single most influential person in my life. Though I consult with many experts, I take 100% responsibility for all aspects of my existence.