Daniel Catalaa


Business Owner / Spanish Medical Interpreter

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Currently I own and operate a sole propiertorship called Catium through which I provide language services as a Certied Spanish Medical Interpreter. This means that I assist patients who only speak Spanish to communicate effectively with medical providers.

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I find the job fulfilling because I can give voice to the questions and concerns of patients and I can help them to understand their diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment options. I also assist with intake paperwork and, using good judgment, advocate for patients when necessary. Details regarding the services I offer can be viewed on my business website. More information is also available on my LinkedIn profile.

Origins in Science

Daniel working in science laboratory
Molecular biology research at the University of Florida
For many years I prepared for a career in molecular biology scientific research, but to my surprise I discovered in my 30's that an important part of me felt unfulfilled with that professional track.
Daniel interpreting for Gavin Newsom and an Italian diplomatic delegation
Interpreting for Gavin Newsom (year 2007)
Intellectually I was very stimulated but socially I was very isolated. After completing a bachellors and a masters degree in the field, I was accepted to a Ph.D. program; however, half way through the program I decided to quit because of a frustrating lack of progress and because I felt unfulfilled. I was thankful for what science had taught me, but I was also very ready for a change and that is when I discovered interpreting.